Portals & Content Management

Web portals are among the most important enterprise applications that information technology departments are currently asked to produce. Portals have significant potential to transform how organizations do work and conduct business. Using portals, organizations can streamline processes and transactions, increase employee productivity, and strengthen relationships with customers and partners.

Intranet/Internet & Enterprise Portals using Microsoft SharePoint

Intranet: SharePoint is the industry leader for managing intranet Web publishing processes. It brings employees together and facilitates enterprise operations through shared information systems.

Internet: SharePoint’s continually expanding capabilities make it the leading content management system for large-scale public Web sites, enabling companies to gain greater control of sprawling Web properties.

Extranets: SharePoint provides the security and functionality to open up an organization’s knowledge and processes to partners and customers, creating greater efficiencies and new options for virtual business operations.

Enterprise Portals: SharePoint is becoming an increasingly popular means of bringing order to disparate systems through single sign-in and a unified view of the enterprise.

As a leading Microsoft partner, we have several large and complex SharePoint implementations to our credit across the several sectors including Government, education and the industry.

Our menu of services for Microsoft SharePoint includes business consulting and full enablement of enterprise collaboration and content covering:

Partnerships with leading BPM vendors like K2 and NINTEX enable us to deliver enhanced value to your collaboration platforms.

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